Reviews of Guy Donges' music

Reviews on 'Swan Song'

Right kind of mood. Mix is clean, well done. Sounds like you have a good thing going here. i would like to hear some piano in this one. at least in the first part of the song. Guitar work is cool, good voice. all and all a good band.
- Terry James Carroll/Huntley, IL/

A nice sound and cool production. Sort of an 80s feel- a potential power-balad. A decent hook in the swan song chorus. pretty cool vocal and guitar.
- EnderWign1/Denver,CO/

Songs start out very nicely. Vocals are handled well. I like the lyrics and melody. Seems to build well, Like the guitar work I'm hearing.
- Truro/Milton,MA/

Reviews on 'November Rain'

i am reminded of natural born killers and the tom waites song in there, it matches almost completely, excpet for the phase 90 being used, not my style, not even close to alternative, but still well played...
- LesBlack/Chicago, IL/