Take My Hand (and walk out of the song) Download
If you can be over each other with each other it can be a beautiful thing.
FAFIM Download
Further and further into madness, man.
Lurking in the Mist Download
This song might be about a crazy lady I know who hangs out on the streets. Or about being bipolar. Or it could be politically charged. Or all of the above. But I really think it is about my enjoyment of alliteration.
Swansong Download
It shouldn't have been our swansong. It was, though. So, here's the song about it.
November Rain Download
Nope, not a cover of a G'nR classic. It does feels like a November Rain, though. One of my favorite self-penned tunes.
White Creek Bar and Grill Download
And can you believe it? This place still stands and still serves customers! True story. And, though I don't do country, this is a country tune. I even had to learn harmonica!
I Still Burn For You Download
Wow...the relationship is over but I still burn for you. Third degree. Blisters, even. Bluesy and raw. Emphasize the raw.
When We Make Up Download
Vo-do-dio-do. This ain't no Winchester Cathedral.
Mean Kinda Woman Download
She drives me crazy, she drives me home and probably drives me to drink. Thanks to Doug Connor for the main lead work in this raucus rocker.
Blind Redundancy Download
Mulling the single life.
No End, Just Friend Download
Just 'cause she's a girl doesn't mean we are having an affair. Florie - this one's for you.
She Hopes He's Asleep Download
She likes to play. He likes to mope about it in this rock-a-billy-esque style. Isn't that almost counterintuitive?
Today is The Day Download
Simple acoustic wedding song. Beautiful. Meaningful. And stuff.
Real Friendships Never Change Download
They don't, do they? Strange percussion on this acoustic ditty.