White Creek Bar and Grill © 1998 by Guy Donges

I got dragged into this little place
By Dave and Frank and Ed
It should've been torn down long ago
And the bartender should've been dead
The arm chair in the corner
Was threadbare and covered in mold
The chocolate on the 3 Musketeers
Was white 'cause it was so old
I managed to choke down a beer
But I would not eat their swill.....
White Creek Bar and Grill

The fooseball table was dusty
About a half inch thick
And the smell from the garbage pile in the corner
Was enough to make me sick
A Hamms Beer clock with the original bear
Was there to add some class
I drank my beer straight from the can
'Cause I wouldn't touch a glass
For Sale signs put up in '63
Adorn the walls there still.....
White Creek Bar and Grill

The walls have never seen paint
The windows have never been clean
Squemish I usually ain't
But this time I turned green..
... At the White Creek Bar and Grill being held hostage by my friends.....

A monologue from Frank pointed out
All the low points we could see
To drag me here at all I figured
They really didn't care for me
The roaches there had roaches who had roaches, on and on...
I started counting the minutes until we could be safely gone
Because he had dragged me into this place
I had Ed pay my bill....
White Creek Bar and Grill

We finally went back to the car
Where I threw up on my feet
And Remy started laughing 'cause he thought
That was pretty neat
He held up pretty well so I thought that he liked the place
Out in the middle of nowhere like a garbage dump in space
But then I noticed that he was also Greenish around the gills.....
White Creek Bar and Grill

Next time I go with these guys
I'll be sure to make my will....
White Creek Bar and Grill