She Hopes He's Asleep © 2000 by Guy Donges

In the early hours of morning the bar has shut it's door
she doesn't want to go home, she wants to party some more
She should get some sleep or tomorrow will be drag
If she lays down for a nap her husband will nag
She looks at the people with her and they look so fine
But they sure will be ugly around breakfast time

She hopes he's asleep
when she comes dragging in around 5 o'clock
She hopes he's not awake
Asking all kinds of questions she'll have to block

Once upon a time things were different than this
she had a good thing going, if not total bliss
Her family was enough to keep her busy at night
and if it wasn't perfect, at least it was alright.
But then something caused her to search outside
to find a more exciting adventure ride....

She hopes he's asleep
and in the morning doesn't even know she's even been gone
she hopes he's not awake
and doesn't ask his questions until after dawn

Well, she's looking just as good as twenty years ago
And all the eyes are upon her as she crosses the floor
She knows her husband's home and figures that's okay,
He's hanging with the kids so she can go out and play
And maybe she can find someone that's better than him
There's Bob and Sam and Bill and Ed and then there's Jim
Or what about him?
Maybe him?

She hopes he's asleep.
And doesn't wake up when she gets to bed
She hopes he's not awake
And waits until morning to mess with her head.

She talks about her husband with her friends at night
He's kind of depressing other than that, he's alright
He's cute, doesn't talk, but he makes a good buck
And she can find a replacement with any luck
But in the meantime the status quo will do
She's got a secure home and her social life, too.

She hopes he's asleep
And doesn't find any clues
She hope he's not awake.
She's got the want-my-family-and-the-night-life-mixed-up blues!