©2011 Guy Donges

thoughts are circling crazily as they are headed out the door
and sanity, quite lazily, extends its hands for more
a quickly gathered crowd more than 100,000 strong
is quelled and even cowed by a lone voice though it speaks wrong
and in that throng the darkness tries to rise and take its place
while love gibbers in the corner quite afraid to show its face
further into madness we descend

the songs I hear touch different ears with meanings not the same
how can you say it's all okay when noone plays the game
the followers will follow while the leaders crash the wall
and intellect that's hollow will refuse to make the call
and overtures of nonsense lights the day with orange and green
we wait for night and fading light to try to not be seen
further into madness we descend

when minions turn and stare it means you're fronting the attack
when pinions preened and ready mean to fly into your back
when rooms are vast and empty yet you know are crowded still
when silence deadens hearts and minds with cacophony that's shrill
when fires rage unabated 'cause none are there to care
when ire is unrelated 'cause no mind is there to share
further into madness we descend.