You want the life story? Sorry – I don’t have the time or the inclination to write that tome.

I will, however, tell you about the musical background. You can pick up any other details in the blog area.

I started on guitar at an early age only to quit lessons shortly thereafter. There is only so many times you can pick out ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ before you go nuts – even at 10 years old. I bought a chord book and started teaching myself instead – sporadically.

In high school, I played trombone. So it didn’t really matter that I also played guitar. Being a band geek completely discounted the ability to ‘get chicks’ via the guitar. I was, however, playing trombone in the hottest jazz rock band around at the time – Lowdown. We played Chicago (of course – this was the 70’s, after all), BS&T and even James Gang covers.

A short stint as a music major at UW-Eau Claire left me slightly better educated and even more hung over. So rather than piss away more money as a BlueGold, I figured I could hang out at the bars closer to home for a LOT cheaper. So I moved back to home town Milwaukee. Formed a commune (still the 70’s, remember?) and joined a band as lead singer. Called Harvest, we did originals as well as covering Boston, Boz Scaggs, Lou Reed and host of others. Initially a show band with two female vocalists and a flute player, we quickly tired of that and reformed as Galaxy with a much more driving rock sound. We retained one of the vocalists, I switched to bass guitar and we had a blast around Milwaukee. I think we opened for Bad Boy about 50 times, many of them at the Electric Ballroom located on 26th and State. The Ballroom is now a boarded up ramshackle husk of a building (see the pics gallery!) but back in the day it was a great venue.

After Galaxy ran the course, I joined a band with the keyboard player of Lowdown called Sense; again as lead singer. This was not a good idea as years of tobacco, whiskey and abuse had really started limiting my vocal range. But it was fun for a while. We did originals and covered Genesis, Yes, Cream, King Crimson and the like. Remember what I said about the vocal range diminishing? Exactly – the gig didn’t last long with a set list such as that.

Along came Maxwell (The Only Way To Rock!) We did a few originals, but concentrated on the hair metal sound of the 80’s. Two venues loved us – Rapp’s Tap where we would draw about 50 people (’cause that was all that would fit in the place!) and The Jabberwocky in West Allis. It was a great time with a hell of a lot of debauchery to go along with the music as part of our perceived rock image. (One question – Shelly, if you are out there, who’s Shelly are you, anyway?)

I then hung up the band lifestyle and have been happily dinking around in my home studio since. What you find on this site is the culmination of this. Too old to rock and roll and too young to die means that the music became more of an interest than a necessity. At least for me. Thankfully. That rock life can kill ya if ya ain’t careful!

So, enjoy the site. Enjoy the music. And thanks for stopping by.